You’ve stumbled upon Somebooksare, and I hope you’ll be glad for it. This is a book review blog run by Linnea: a Denver bred Dallas-dweller with a deep-seated love for spooky stories and a penchant for metaphorically harboring fictional criminals.

As a college junior, coffee addict, and ambitious individual, this isn’t what you’d call a happening place. But things do happen, so stay tuned, hold onto your hats, and maybe read a book while you wait for the author to get around to posting something again.

About the Blog

This is a teen literature/YA-centric blog that is focused on talking about what books are more than it talks about what those books aren’t. So though not every book reviewed here is one that I fell head over heels for, this also isn’t a place where you’ll ever see anything less than a 3-star review. (On a scale where 3-star is “thoroughly enjoyed despite faults or distractions“, 1-star is “couldn’t finish“, and 5-star is “will inevitably be re read“)

I started reading YA right around the time that book bashing started to become the thing to do. My friends did it, my enemies did it, but every time I’d join in, I’d feel bad. I’m a writer too, miniature Linnea would think, Would I ever talk about a friend’s book that way, even if I’d hated it that much?

So if you’re big on healthy criticism, this may not be the place for you. And hey, cool! Thanks for stopping by. This isn’t a space for negative discussions, even though they can be constructive. If the things I disliked about a book outweigh the things I did like, chances are that book won’t appear here.

The biggest goal of this blog is for readers to discover books. Call it a recommendation blog rather than a review blog, if you like. Have a look around, beware of stray ghosts, and enjoy!

You can visit Linnea on Instagram: @somebooks.are