Beware the Wild

This book has been on my mind recently, so I was pleased when this review happened over at Snifferblog and reminded me that plot is just as important as character.

Sniffer Blog

by Natalie C. Parker

Beware the Wild in One Sentence
A story unique enough to thrill, but bumpy enough to bore.

• • • • · ·

Genre: Southern Gothic Fantasy

Why Beware the Wild?
Forget the wild. Beware of impulse purchases.
It started in an innocent way. The day was coming to a close at the North Texas Teen Book Festival and I was making my final rounds—getting books signed, going over notes from the panels, and finishing my inner battle of, “WHAT DO I BUY?” I found my friend, Linnea of REACH, at Natalie C. Parker’s table. So I hung out there for a while. We talked. Her book sounded incredible. A giant cover art poster stared down at me.
It ended with the muttered words, “I’ll be right back,” and then a frantic dash to the closing bookstore. Twenty dollars and fourteen hundred steps…

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