The Space Between

In the continued adventures of reading Stiefvater and Co., I discovered that my library branch still had the book I asked for five weeks ago and never picked up.

I picked it up this time. And then I devoured it like I only can when a book is exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

the-space-between-brenna-yovanoffThe Space Between

  • Author: Brenna Yovanoff
  • Publisher: RazorBill
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre vibe: Supernatural with religious themes, paranormal, romance
  • At a glance: Daphne is a demon. Her brother is half angel. Her brother disappears. She goes to find him. Instead she meets another half angel: Truman. The rest is history.

This book blew me away. Please, can I write like Brenna Yovanoff yet? Her relationships are amazing, her settings are even better, her stories flow like no other. She is a goddess amongst authors and I am in awe of her prowess.

But seriously, this book was good. I finished it at the beginning of the month and still it hangs around with me.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers when I reviewed The Replacement, but I sure do. One of the things that stuck with me (and ended up inspiring my latest novel) was a couple of the settings in that book. The same can be said for Space Between.

The Space Between takes place in grimy alleys, dim hotels, and horrifyingly inky black nightmares. The thing about Yovanoff is that her writing is so gosh darned engaging that you’re practically injected with her settings. It’s not so much that you’re there (at least in my case, since I never put myself mentally “in” the story) as much as it is that it is. Yovanoff’s places are as alive as her people, and that is easily one of my favorite things about every single one of her books, and it’s definitely the thing that makes them stick with me. They find the cracks in my bones where the mildew sets in, and they hang there.

The characters, though. They tangle their mangled selves up right in your heart strings. These two were some of my favorites in a strange, slightly detached way. I remember pictures of them, I think of their essence. But I couldn’t talk about them for hours on end like I could others. Which I think is what makes my favorite thing about this book so…well, favorite.

This book is a cohesive unit. The characters, the setting, the plot, the genre, the atmosphere all work together to turn it into one whole entire thing. If one piece of it were off, it wouldn’t work. But all of it works together seamlessly, makes you laugh and cry, scares the heck out of you. It pulls you in, lets you breathe, knocks the wind out of you, and shows you something. It tells a story, better than any one thing could have on its own.

Put simply: Yovanoff is a master puppeteer. She has my undying devotion.


  • Rating: 5/5 stars
  • Recommended to: If you like paranormal, this is it. If you like messed up, seriously hurting characters, this is also it. If you like the dark: this is definitely it.
  • Lasting impression: Forehead against cold, rough brick. Hand between shoulders. Urgent whispers and laughter that carries and a neon sign and the way your face feels when you wake up from a nightmare.

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