Published Authors are Not Scary

I went to Lindsay Cummings’ launch party for The Death Code last night along with my friend (who’s blog is amazing, by the way) and we discovered two very important things:

One, if you ask, authors will answer.

Two, if someone ever asks you for a pen, you give it to them. There is a possibility that you’re in the middle of an Author Sighting and they need that pen to sign their book.

It was a great night just in general. Lindsay gave a lot of cool commentary during her Q&A before the signing, including but not limited to:

“Read and write as much as you possibly can. It’s like working out. You don’t walk in and pick up the giant thing that’s gonna break your back. You start with the little two pound weights.”


“I think stories make boring life a lot more fun.”

She told us how she rewrote Death Code five times, and ended up finding an old version of a book that had a hundred and twenty rejections and turned into Death Code. And in answer to my standard “what atmosphere is your favorite to write in” question informed us that winter writing is the best.

Also, all her cousins showed up, ninja-like.

She was also the sweetest person ever and signed my friends’ bookmarks since they didn’t have her books.


All in all — coolest ever. Going to author events are some of the neatest things on the planet, and you get a chance to really interact with them on an even different way than social media allows.

And then: a Victoria Scott sighting. Yes, she signed her books with my pen. And we talked about books. And then capped off the night by meeting LizzieLovesBooks which was just as incredible even though I’m super bad at booktube.

I’m ridiculously excited to read Death Code and do a double-feature review for it and Murder Complex. And keep your eyes peeled for some other neat review things coming…*hint hint*



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