Be excited with me, readers

Alright. So this year I read Laini Taylor’s incredible Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, and got the chance of a lifetime to meet the author right as I was finishing up the last book.

But they made such an impression on me, and I read them all so close together that I couldn’t figure out how to review them properly enough to truly do them justice.

So this post serves as two things: and extremely underrated review of the series, and a post of sheer excitement over the announcement of Laini’s new book yesterday.

Laini’s stories are truly something. As someone with a niche love for a very particular kind of urban fantasy, it’s like finding a unicorn when you find a book–much less a whole series/trilogy–that satisfies your never ending thirst for The Perfect Thing. The excitement is unbearable.

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone books are rich and lengthy and full to bursting with weirdness and wonderment in equal measures, and enough heartbreak to satisfy even me. (seriously, if you don’t want two particular people to be together in these books as badly as you want to keep breathing, I’m not sure we can be friends)

Urban fantasy is a tricky genre to pin down. And Laini does it beautifully, capping off her fantastic ideas with beautiful prose and stellar characters. You don’t ever forget your favorite Laini Taylor character.

Which is why I’m so excited for this:


Strange the Dreamer promises to be something even more new and exciting for me to read next year (and next year has a lot of promising new releases.) I mean, just look at that list of components at the bottom of NOVL’s post. I couldn’t be happier. And a title like that deserves to be bronzed and stuck outside every library ever.

I can’t wait. Laini Taylor is a gift to the YA world in the form of an urban fantasy goddess, and I just can’t wait to see this book. I can’t wait.

(seriously I can’t. Is it September yet?)





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