I Crossed A Wasteland for “The Witch’s Boy”

Middle Grade doesn’t normally happen on this blog. But thanks to some random dog I’ve definitely never met before, it will shortly, all because of this review.

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The best book-finding moment come when your map is wrong. The treasure is buried in the wasteland instead of the paradise, and you have to dig a long way for it. The best moments are when the treasure is worth crossing ten thousand wastelands.
The wasteland in this story: Middle Grade Fiction.

The Witch’s Boy in One Sentence
A Middle Grade novel that transcends all the juvenile tendencies of the genre with brilliant wit and deeply emotive prose.

• • • • • •

Genre: Fantasy

Why The Witch’s Boy?
I don’t read much Middle Grade fiction. My heart is hardened against immature humor, half-baked character development, and the contemporary tone saturating most of the genre. But my heart is also soft toward Middle Grade novels that actually succeed as living, breathing, meaningful stories.
I don’t find many of those.
While I was in Barnes and Noble the…

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