Black Heart.

Black Heart.
What else is there to say? I spent all day yesterday through a double shift at work trying desperately to come up with a clever name for this post.

It didn’t work.

Black Heart is the reason for reading this series, honestly. There are a million reasons. There are so many “whys” and so many arguments and so many talking points I use to convince people that these things are worth the time. And Red Glove may be what I carry around with me the closest, but Black Heart? Black Heart is the reason for these books.

Black Heart is the best view of the city. Black Heart is the best kind of mess. Black Heart is the worst kind of pain.

It’s not the book with the most coffee consumption. Or the book with the most conning. Or the worst breakdown. Or the most magic. Or the book with more anything than any of the others, honestly. But what Black Heart is that the rest of the series isn’t, is the end.

The big score.

Throughout this whole entire freaking book, Cassel Sharpe is one big mess. He is. He’s angry. He’s so torn up over everything that by now, he’s not even trying to find the pieces again.

And then there he is, at it again at the very end. Just like we’ve grown to know him to be.

Cassel’s the whole point of this whole series, for me. He’s my third favorite character of all-time, and he’s my favorite character type, and the journey he takes in these books–Black Heart especially–is something that I want to write. Over and over again it has echoes of the stories and ideas and themes that call me to all of my favorite things, and that’s important. Cassel Sharpe calls me back to what it means to be me. And that’s a good thing.

So, if you’ve made it this far, and you read the books and understood any of what I just said: congratulations. Thanks for joining me. Our next adventure here will be the #5books7days challenge over on Instagram.


For now, have a mixtape for our devil boy. This took a while to put together, because Cassel is a mysterious amalgam of weirdness and I couldn’t decide if I wanted a playlist for him, of him, or from him. So it’s a little of all three. (click image for link)

clever as the devil.jpg


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