I’ll Give You The Sun

Sometimes, friends recommend books.

Other times, friends throw books at you until you catch them.

Still others, friends leave you in the dust while they read a new book, and you’re forced to no longer be left behind.

I think I’ll Give You the Sun was a combination of all three of these tactics.


I’ll Give You The Sun

  • Author: Jandy Nelson
  • Publisher: Dial
  • Genre vibe: Contemporary, with superstitious and inspirational leanings.
  • At a Glance: NoahandJude has been what these two twins have been their whole lives. Then tragedy strikes, and it’s one thing after another as we follow the siblings through their pitfalls and otherwise, watching either of them trying to figure out their individual issues.

Alright. It has to be done.

*Obi-Wan voice*

This is not the book you’re looking for.

This book is absolutely none of what I was expecting it to be. To be fair, I didn’t research what it truly is very much beyond reading the synopsis a few times. I’ve wanted to read this book since it came out a couple years ago, and kind of forgot every now and again what it was even about beyond twins, romance, and art.

So when the superstitious–even supernatural–elements, and the sheer eccentricity of the side characters happened, when it got as imaginative and out-there as it did, well…I admit I was thrown off and even a little put off, even though those are all things that I actively look for in books.

None of this is to say that I didn’t enjoy this book. No, I severely enjoyed this book. It was incredible, Jude’s voice was amazing, Noah’s character arc was satisfying, Oscar was beautiful. The setup and structure of this book was amazing. It’s everything people told me it was.

I just spent most of the book trying to reconcile the idea of it I had in my head with what it really ended up being, and what it felt like it was missing.

My favorite kinds of books are the ones where their soul thing speaks to mine. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people look for in a book. There are books where there’s an obvious one that can apply to almost everyone, and those books are quite often masterpieces.

But then there’s the quieter ones, where the soul thing is very obviously there, but can only apply to the people it chooses.

This book is of the latter type. And I feel a bit privileged to know the soul thing and see it belong to other people rather than keep it for myself. Watching this book happen to other people is, I think, one of the better parts of reading it.

So overall:

  • Rating: 5/5 stars
  • Recommended to: Lots of people. Just so long as you don’t go into this expecting codependent siblings.
  • Lasting Impression: The beach that night, Jude. The way you couldn’t see far enough that other night. Kissing him, Noah. Kissing him, Jude. Stone stone stone.

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