Reign of Shadows

Certain blogger friends of mine and I periodically decide that we should act like we like each other. So Mariesa (twoamreaders) and I thought, why not do a readalong to top off the #5books7days challenge last month? And why not use a new release? And why not do it all in one night?

Long story short, we did the thing, and now we bring a joint blog post to your computer screens. Enjoy.


Reign of Shadows

  • Author: Sophie Jordan
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre vibe: Twisted fairy tale retelling, adult romance. (hear me out)
  • At a glance: Princess Luna has been kept in her tower for her whole life, ever since the day of the Eclipse–the day she was born. Then some weary and unlikely (and super attractive) travelers fall into her lap, and she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

Here is a twofold review. Want to see my portion? Head over to Twoamreader.

Reign of Shadows has a lot going for it. A gorgeous cover, interesting concepts, cool story world, and likable enough characters. And kissing. But in the end it comes down to books that are Good and books that are…good.

I’m descriptive.

This review is gonna be a bit different then my usual reviews, because this book is less of a book I can review objectively for whatever reason.

Let me explain.

Some books are Good. Objectively, you enjoyed it. You remember things about it. If someone were to ask for a book rec and that book met their criteria, you’d recommend it. It’s Good.

Some books are just…good, though. Nothing is particularly overtly bothersome enough for you to like it a lot. But nothing is so overtly amazing enough for you to l o v e it. It’s alright. There’s nothing bad enough for you to discuss in your review, but it’s not something you’d fling at people’s faces.

Reign of Shadows is both of those things.

Which is why it’s so complicated. It’s neither Good nor good. It’s a book. It was entertaining, well written, fun to read. If someone wanted a Rapunzel retelling, sure I’d recommend this one. But it’s not one I’d recommend to anyone as a representation of the types of books I consider Good Books.

It’s a fun book. The main character was likable. The love interest wonderful. The side characters interesting. The world building was a bit flat, but the world was vibrant. It does have its flaws, with it’s lacking climax. But it was fun. I wasn’t annoyed by anything , I wasn’t wowed by anything.

It’s got elements of both a Good book and a good book.

Isn’t this review a work of art?

At the end of the day, Reign of Shadows is a fun book that I really did like reading. I had a lot more fun reading it than usual, that being because of the fact that I got to read it with Linnea. In which we made high school au’s, made fun of drama and giggled over kisses. I will, at the end of the year, remember this book fondly because of the fun I had reading it.

Which, at the end of this review, calls to light to Very important Truth about books. Sometimes it’s not the book, it’s the memories. And it is alright to love a book simply because of the circumstances in which it was discovered and read.

And overall:

  • Rating: 4/5 stars (for cheese and fairy tales)
  • Recommended to: Fans of romance stories, fairy tales, freaking-beautiful covers, and super scary forest creatures.
  • Lasting impression: Clothing. (just read.)

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