3 Reasons why “Six of Crows” is a Book for Stormy Days

The goal of this blog? Infect all my friends with my favorite books. Sometimes it works.

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On dark, dreary days, it’s hard to find the perfect book. Some novels are too upbeat for the thunder and pattering rain. Some are written in segments that beg to be read over weeks, not in a few hours. Some are too short, too long, or such an awkward length that they aren’t satisfying.
But when you find that perfect book, burrow in your blankets and sip your steaming hot beverage, because you are about to have the best reading experience of your life.
Want to know a perfect book for a stormy day?

Six of Crows in One Sentence
A book that forgets words, forgets pages, and becomes a real life tempest.

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Why Six of Crows?
If I take the number of people recommending Six of Crows to me at any given moment, multiply it by pi (a…

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