It’s February.

You know what that means?

Probably not. I’ll tell you, so that you know.

Every February (okay, the last three consecutive Februaries), I reread books. Specifically, I reread Holly Black’s CURSE WORKERS trilogy. Last year, I made a rereadathon out of it. And it was fun! Blog posts were involved, playlists were made. And…Curse Workers is pretty much all I read.

So, things are getting rearranged. College and life (I know, the worst words for any youthful blogger to pull out, basically just synonyms for ‘excuses’) are, unfortunately, requirements. But damn it: BOOKS.

And as such, no formal rereadathon will be happening this time around.


[dramatic music builds]


My dearest (if meager) reader base

(hint: that’s you)

is hereby cordially invited to join me in the Second Annual February Rereadathon (Formerly: Curse Workers Reread) and participate on The Social Medias using hashtag #rereadsomebooks.

There, you’ve been invited. Go forth and re read some books.

My TBR will be up soon. Don’t stress over yours too much.



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