Recently I was given the opportunity to blog for a writing curriculum that I’m an alumni of. The One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) curriculum is something that helped me in my writing pursuits the most, and is what taught me what I needed to know in order to get moving. It’s fantastic, and if you’re ever in the market, this is what you need.

Writing for the blog was a challenge, but also was incredibly enjoyable. I was asked to write about this idea that as writers (and not only as writers, but as readers of writing) we jump to this automatic place where the first thing we do is criticize the thing we’re looking at.

We book bash, we say “if only” this and “but” that. We say, “I don’t normally read this kind of thing…” and we discredit the fact of other people enjoying it because of that. But reading is personal, and writing is personal. And so there is, in my opinion, no reason for any of this. I don’t hate any book I’ve ever read, because I love books. 

This is one of the topics that’s the most important to me when it comes to reading/writing/books/blogging/anything literary, so I’m glad I got to write about it.

Interested in reading more? You can find the post I wrote for OYAN here. 


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